Shoot Your Script

Have a sketch or a movie idea but don’t have the skills to “script it ” or the knowledge to produce it, then you’ve come to this right place! Bring your idea and allow us to turn your vision into a motion picture. We have a great team of creative writers, producers, directors, actors, and actresses. Not to mention top-notch equipment, such as Cameras, Lenses, Filters, Stabilizers, Tripods, Gimbals, Suction Mounts, Sound Recorders, Microphones, Lights, drones & much more to turn your vision into a masterpiece. We also specialize in visual effects and animation!


Script A Skit – 4hrs. $30 an hr. 1 day (3 – 4 pages) Total $120

Script A Featured Film – 100hrs. $30 an hr. 20 days (60 + pages) Total $3,000